Apply Now for Leadership Team

O.I.A.S.C Leadership Application

A Transfer Student Services Organization (TSS)

Please take the time and read through the responsibilities of the O.I.A.S.C Leadership Team. Every individual is allowed to apply for multiple positions, however, you must specify which positions you would like to be considered. This is an amazing volunteer opportunity to get involved with the Osprey family and added receive a recommendation letter upon completion from the TSS office.

All leadership is required to:

  • Must attend O.I.A.S.C Training TBA
  • Must attend mandatory monthly general Club Alliance meetings and give reports or clear absence with the TSS Adviser.
  • Must dedicate 15 in the office work hours to O.I.A.S.C planning initiatives.
  • Coordinate transfer specific events geared towards fostering engagement.
  • Market transfer events on campus. (Work with OP)
  • Must attend and assist with Open Houses, Transfer Orientations, Receptions and Alumni Events.
  • Manage O.I.A.S.C volunteers for transfer events.
  • Attend biweekly leadership meetings with progress reports.
  • Attend weekly touch point meeting with the O.I.A.S.C Adviser (leadership only).
  • All staff must respect every other member of the leadership team and every member of the organization. No trash talking, rumor milling or negativity will be tolerated.
  • Attend events other than your own on a regular basis.
  • Act professionally at all times when representing TSS and UNF.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.25 throughout term (GPA will be checked).
  • Help keep office clean and professional.
  • Must be able to frequently lift 30 pounds and occasionally lift up to 50 pounds.


VP Social Media Strategist (Volunteer) – Fall/Spring 2016-2017 semesters)

  • Shall assume the duties of the Vice President in social media.
  • Development of brand awareness and online reputation
  • Create a regular publishing schedule.
  • Implement a content editorial calendar to manage content and plan specific, timely marketing campaigns.
  • Promote content through social advertising.
  • Must attend monthly general (mandatory) Club Alliance meetings and give reports or clear absence with the O.I.A.S.C President.


VP Treasurer (Volunteer) –  Fall/Spring 2016-2017 semesters)

  • Prepare the club’s budget, present it to leadership for approval, and ensure that club activities adhere to the budget.
  • Must attend monthly general (mandatory) Club Alliance meetings and give reports or clear absence with the O.I.A.S.C President.
  • Maintain accurate financial records throughout the year to be reviewed at any time by members, other officers, or administration.
  • Transact business through a bank or school account.
  • Inform the club of its financial strengths and weaknesses.
  • File appropriate forms with the Internal Revenue Service by February 15 (for US clubs only).
  • Disperse funds as approved by the president.
  • Reconcile bank statements.
  • Understand school and Club Alliance policies regarding student financial accounts relating to school organizations.


VP Mentor Adviser (Volunteer) – Fall/Spring 2016-2017 semesters)

  • Assign a Mentee to assigned transfer students major
  • Coordinate social out-of-class activities / events
  • Conduct weekly meetings
  • Coordinate team members e-mail list
  • Help students become familiar with university resources
  • Facilitate team-building activities
  • Maintain an e-mail list to keep students informed of upcoming events
  • Call / meet with students
  • Implement study groups as needed
  • Serve as a communication link between Learning Community coordinators, faculty and students
  • Work with staff to facilitate learning experiences (classes / programs)
  • Assist in the evaluation of the learning community
  • Attend a weekly meeting with Learning Community
  • Maintain consistent office hours
  • Must attend monthly general (mandatory) Club Alliance meetings and give reports or clear absence with the O.I.A.S.C President.


VP Learning Osprey Coordinator (Volunteer) –  Fall/spring 2016-2017 semesters)

  • Performs all admin work such as documents, printing, and maintaining files etc. for the other OIASC members of leadership.
  • Providing ongoing assistance and guidance and promoting learning and development to all leaders, Mentees, Ambassadors, for a smooth transition for transfer students.
  • Supporting research, development, and implementation of the new Learning and Development opportunities for OIASC members.
  • Coordinate all incoming appointments and meetings with transfer students that correspond to the schedules of the leadership team vs email or call backs.
  • Coordinates all events and final decisions with the O.I.A.S.C President .




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