Studying tip #1

As a new college student, it is necessary to devote time and attention to each subject to properly obtain knowledge and grasp its concepts. However, with a racing schedule and many distractions, it might be hard to study effectively. A study tip that I would recommend to a college student, who hasn’t acquired their study habits yet, is the reading over of notes or PowerPoint slides after classes. This practice is necessary because it helps a student to reinforce what they have learned in a lecture and quickly connect these teachings to the application of the material. In other words, it helps them to register information quickly.  This also enables a student to grasp key concepts and bring out questions for materials that are not well understood. The misunderstood material can then be asked to a professor for better understanding. As a result, when exams approach, the student now has a well-rounded understanding of the material that was taught. The student simply needs to review over material before the exams and is on the way to getting a good grade.



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