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A Transfer Student Services Organization (TSS)

Please take the time and read the responsibilities of the T.S.A.S.C Mentor position. This is an amazing volunteer opportunity to get involved with the Osprey family.

Position Information

Mentor’s will receive a letter of recommendation from the assigned TSS Adviser. Also, Mentor’s will be rewarded with a valuable Ambassador experience. If hired, Mentor will serve from Spring 2017 – Spring 2018 with the option after term served to reapply for an extended term based on a majority vote from the TSASC leadership team.


Some responsibilities may include:

  • Mentee & mentor pairs are assigned either during and teamed up with a Transition Ambassador.
  • Mentors establish communication and operational expectations during assessment with the Mentor Adviser by creating a “road map” to operate from.
  • The Mentor Adviser talks through the agreement at a high level explaining each section.
  • The Mentee should present his goals to his mentor or work with him/her to create them.
  • The pair should agree upon ways in which the mentor is going to assist in the attainment of these goals.
  • After each pair has thoughtfully completed the agreement after answering questions on potential mentor functions on a worksheet the academic transition then begins.
  • Mentees & mentors then meet and communicate often during the student’s first year at UNF until otherwise dismissed.
  • Mandatory participation in regular TSASC meetings held bi-weekly.
  • Meet regularly as a group to plan TSASC activities and effectively community.
  • Develop a rapport with students in their knowledge community.
  • Serve as a positive academic and social role model.
  • Communicate accurate and timely information to students about TSASC and other important events.

Mentor position requirements:

  • Attend Mentor orientation and all Training sessions.
  • All staff must respect every other member of the leadership team and every member of the organization. No trash talking, rumor milling or negativity will be tolerated.
  • Maintain a minimum 2.25 GPA and higher throughout the term and upon hire (GPA will be checked).
  • Be in good academic and judicial standing with the university.
  • Must attend events and be willing to participate in evening and weekend events as needed.
  • All Mentor’s must be dressed in either UNF gear or colors that correspond.(T-shirts will be given after the completion of the orientation training session)

Please fill out the application below: